Bell Ring Sing Reflections I
December 29, 2012


[Part 1]

Some awful things happened on December 14th, 2012, not just in Newtown, CT, where dozens of people (children and adults), were shot and killed. In my personal life, this was a difficult day for other reasons, ranking short of receiving news of a serious illness, disease or death. Needless to say, I carried the heaviness of the appalling news reports with my own private distress.

Without subjecting anyone to unnecessary details, my perspective on many things changed that day and I made some decisions:
I thought, “Oh, really? Well, if that is how it is, then…
– I will take better care of myself” (I made a hair appointment the next day)
– “Christmas will not be stolen from me.” (the day after that I picked up a Christmas Tree and planned to go caroling)

Christmas Caroling is something that has fascinated me since childhood. I remember some singers walking down my street on Christmas Eve when I was very young and I have seen countless carolers on television and in movies. They sounded so beautiful!

I have always wanted to go caroling. Although I have had many opportunities to sing throughout any given year, including at Christmas-time, this desire has yet to be fulfilled. During my mid-December low point, I remembered this longing and planned to pursue it.

Before I went any further, I felt the need for some good to come from this; it could not just be about me doing something that some people might put on their “bucket-list”. Could the community benefit in some way? A charity can be connected to advance the concept of “good will”, which is essential to the fabric of Christmas tradition.

Next, I set out to create my Christmas identity/brand: “Miss Christmas Caryl” and started blogging, posting to Facebook, texting and tweeting. In the two weeks that followed, my blog saw 99 views; my Twitter account welcomed 20 followers* and two people followed the blog just because they read my first post moments after I published it.

Twelve responded to my caroling invitation and I was very encouraged, even though some could not attend. After hearing the concept, one dear friend replied, without hesitation, that she thought I had a “good idea”. Others took the initiative to share my posts on their Facebook pages and I am very grateful. I received a handful of texts requesting more information from those who had questions.

These initial results suggest that my Bell Ring Sing has potential. So, I am already planning for next Christmas season (2013). If you are reading this, please take a moment to follow or subscribe to this blog. When you do, you will receive an e-mail every time I post an update. Please also consider following me on Twitter @bellringsing. I will post updates and additional Christmas related content there that might not appear on the blog. Whether you choose Twitter or the blog, all you need is an e-mail address to stay connected with the Bell Ring Sing.

Those who know me also know that I have an e-mail address for each of them, but I cannot add anyone as my follower. That has to be each person’s own decision and action. Following will make it easier for us to keep in touch about this project. I will not have to manage contacts or e-mail addresses for those who might be interested. And December 24th will not arrive with people wondering “Whatever happened to that Christmas Caroling thing?”

At this time, all I am requesting is that you subscribe to this blog and/or follow me on Twitter, please (As the next Christmas season draws near, Meet-ups and Facebook events may be added so you can invite others). I also welcome your comments on my blog posts as well as Twitter replies and re-tweets.

Thank you very much for your interest, prayers and encouragement. These mean more to me than I can ever write or say.


Miss C.C.

*I am following myself from my original Twitter account.