We need Christmas now!

Hi! Although I live on the internet under another name, my yuletide alias is “Caryl Christmas” and my letter to Santa has one request: that I may go Christmas Caroling.

I believe  many share this wish, a desire intensified after the horrific and heart-breaking events in recent days. It would be so wonderful to stand side-by-side with people from a diversity of culture and sing the songs of the season and spread some much needed joy.

Thinking about how and where I would do this, the idea of a flashmob came to mind. And since Christmas does not just happen in my neighborhood, I thought a flashmob could be planned at many locations across the country and maybe around the world. If only I could find a common place where everyone can gather and sing… but, where?

How about anywhere a bell is ringing next to a red kettle?

So while getting together to sing, we can share our voices for the good. After all, if a giant group of singers gathered and you were entertained when passing by, would you be inclined to put something in that kettle? Let us overcome the evil we have seen too much in the news with some good.

If you are interested, comment on this blog or tweet me @bellringsing. For those outside of the Washington, DC metro area, search #bellringsing for an event in your state or coordinate a flashmob in your city/state by tweeting your city name, state name and specific location, day & time with the hashtag #bellringsing. Be sure to invite everyone you know (family, friends, coworkers, classmates, elected officials, the news media, etc.) and have them invite everyone they know and so on….

Ask anyone who are not going to sing, to take video and still photos at the flashmob. Post them on Twitter to @bellringsing. Or you can post them on Facebook and tag them “Bell Ring Sing”.

Our Christmas Carol flashmob will happen on the last weekend before Christmas: * Sunday, December 23rd at times and locations to be announced. Future posts will give important specific details.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Miss C.C.

* High wind warnings & low temperatures forecast for Saturday December 22, 2012 in the eastern U.S. force the postponement of caroling for that day.


One Response

  1. The deeper you go into DC the more people will go with you, I am sure of that!

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